Jewelry Gluing

The development and production of outstanding gluing solutions for the jewelry industry is definitely one of Adhesive Products' core competences. Our specifically designed adhesives offer market leading characteristics and can be used for the gluing of crystal stones, metal parts and colored glass.

We are ideally placed to deliver any specific adhesive for the jewelry industry, having gained both theoretical and practical experience during the past decade in the field of jewelry gluing, backed by permanent excellent results of all our products.

We offer different adhesives, such as UV-glues, 2-K acrylics, 2-K epoxy, 2-K ceramic materials like Ceralun.

Download our Jewelry Gluing Brochure here...

Adhesive Products has also developed the “Cold Enamel” on the basis of 2-K epoxy and 1-K acrylics which reacts in a first step with the use of UV followed by exposure to temperature.

Download Cold Enamel Flyer (soon available)